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Dennis K.

"That was some of the most helpful and practical reading I've done in at least a year.  I have to say that I definitely appreciate the fact that you pointed out that employing these principles may cause problems--99.99% of people leave that little tidbit out.  Can the process be painful?  Yes.  But in the long run it's less painful to be punched in the gut really hard a couple of times than to to suffer dozens of little knife cuts every single damned day.  I definitely would like to read more from you!"

Ryan R.

"Btw, I absolutely love that title. Combat confidence. So simple, yet strong. Society right now is at it's weakest imo. I've seen so many videos of grown men turtling up into a ball instead of actually defending themselves & hoping that someone would come help them instead of them helping themselves and it drives me nuts. People would rather call the police and die than reach deep inside and protect themselves... I absolutely loved it! There are quite a few guys that I know personally that could benefit from reading this. You really get it man. You really get it."